Preventing Bounce House Injuries

Bounce House Safety preventing injuries

Inflatable Bounce houses have become an expected feature at a child's party these days. Inflatable Bouncers, Moonwalks, Bouncers, or whatever you call them, they create great memories for parties and events and are always an exciting and welcome addition to any kid's party.

You don't have to look far, however, to find news of children being hurt in an inflatable Bounce House but it's important to note that many, if not most of these injuries occurred because very simple, common-sense rules were not being followed. At your favorite Bounce House Atlanta rental company, we have a long history of safe and satisfied customers we have never received a notice of any of our customers reporting an injury. We believe this is in large part because of how careful we are during set up but also because we ensure our customers are well informed on the safety requirements for use of our Bounce Houses.

With this in mind, we'd like to share some Safety tips for use of Bounce Houses. If you are planning a party or event where a Bounce House will be used, please keep these in mind and ensure all participants at the event, both adult and child, are also aware of them.
Bounce House Safety Tips

Although it's fun to see the real little ones crawl in and have a good time, Bounce Houses should be restricted to children 6 years or older. If younger children are to use the Bounce House, an adult should be present inside and extreme caution and attention should be paid to the little ones while they are inside.
The Bounce House is not a baby-sitter. An adult should always be present and observing the activities in the Inflatable Bounce House
The Bounce House should be used by children of approximately the same age. If multiple age ranges are present, we usually recommend separating the age ranges and then setting time slots for each age range
Shoes, eyeglasses and any sharp objects should be removed before entering
Rough housing, shoving, pushing, flipping over each other, wrestling, these are all activities that can cause injury and should be prevented
Monitor the Bounce House at all times for either lost air or loose tie down / anchors
The weather should be monitored before setting up and at all times while the Bouncer is set up and in use. If high winds or lightning are anticipated, the Bounce House should be taken down. If you are unable to take it down, ensure all children are out of the Bouncer during the inclement weather. A good rule of thumb is to keep an eye on the trees if you see the tops start to sway excessively, it might be a good time to think about getting the kids out of the Bouncer
The Bounce House should be set up on a flat surface, with no underlying rocks or sticks. The area around the Bouncer should also be free of objects that could puncture the Bounce House or injure children
Ideally, the Bounce House should be set up on a nice flat grassy lawn. If a hard surface is selected for setup, be sure to place some kind of soft surface around the entry/exit areas
If you have any questions about the safety of the Bounce House, please don't hesitate to ask a staff member at Salta Bounce Houses of Georgia as we are the experts and will be able to provide guidance

There you have it a few Safety rules for use with your Bounce House. Your Bounce House Rental company will certainly have more info you so be sure to talk to them about it. As mentioned before, a Bounce House is an exciting and memorable part of any party or event so don't hesitate to get one and then be sure the safety rules are known and followed.

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