Bounce Houses - not just for Birthday Parties

The venerable Bounce House - you've seen them at parties and other events with the young ones jumping in them, flipping, wrestling, sweating. Have you seen any at Weddings or Wedding receptions? I have - it's awesome. We all know the youngsters should be quiet and pay attention to the nuptials and then behave themselves during the reception and other celebrations, but in truth there is often just too much pent up energy. What better way to let them expend that energy while NOT interrupting or intruding on everybody else's good time? A bounce house rental from your favorite party rental location, of course. For Bounce House Atlanta Rentals, you've come to the right place.

There are two sides of this discussion though, as many will say that the kids should be taught to act properly in social settings and that they don't need to be constantly entertained. I think that's a great point of view, but a little unrealistic. As always, it depends on the age of the kids. My counter to this is that they can act properly and focus, but then they can also have some fun and get that energy out of their system. I think it's a great idea.

The wedding and reception itself will dictate this decision as well. A super formal wedding and reception is probably not the place for a bounce house. An informal wedding might be better. Then again, a formal reception might be exactly the place for it - hide the Bounce House around the corner, make sure somebody is supervising, and let them have their fun while the formal events occur. Since it's a wedding, it might make sense to actually hire somebody to monitor the Bounce House - a responsible local teen-ager would be a great hire for something like this.

One thing to consider is that alcohol and Bounce Houses are not a good mix. Most wedding receptions have alcohol so this should be taken into account. If the reception is apt to turn into a drunken party, a Bounce House may result in accidents and injuries. Again, the situation will dictate the best approach. At Salta, we caution against any use of our Bounce Houses when alcohol is present. Take a look at our safety article for more injury prevention discussions.

The best part? We haven't even talked about the Bride and Groom jumping in it yet! Who says it's only for the kids. I think it's a great time to put that expensive photographer to work and start snapping pictures of the bride and groom, in full wedding attire, jumping and have a blast. Get the rest of the wedding party in there too. Moms and Dads get in. There's a picture that'll generate conversation for years to come.

Overall, some may have concerns about this approach but the final say is, of course, the bride and groom's. It's their event, let them decide on the best course of action for their wedding. Given some thought and some realistic consideration, we think most will arrive at the conclusion that a Bounce House at a wedding is a great idea!

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