A Bouncing Good time for all ages!

Last week we talked a bit about having a Bounce House at a Wedding or a Wedding reception. It can be a contentious topic and, I believe, the final word lies with the bride and groom. Regardless, that brings us to another discussion topic, and that is that Bounce Houses are not just for kids!! We regularly set up and remove our Bounce Houses from parties and events and often hear about what a great time the kids had. Occasionally we hear stories about the adults having a good time after the kids are done and we love to hear that! Just remember the bounce house safety tips outline in our other post (Preventing Bounce House Injuries) when adults decide to enter and your favorite Bounce House Atlanta rental company is right here!
Bouncing Good Times for Adults too!

Every bounce house has a weight rating and it's something that must be paid attention to, but what that means is that whereas you might be able to get 8 kids into a bounce house at the same time, you should probably only go with three or four adults at any one time. And really, as adults, half the fun is doing it by yourself anyway. And trust us, you won't be in there long as it's very, very tiring. So kick the kids out, or wait until they tire out, and take your turn.
Bounce House Babies

Since this post is about "all ages'", we'd be remiss not to mention the babies. A baby in a bounce house is a great photo shoot and they have a lot of fun but extreme caution must be taken here. They should never be left alone by themselves, not even for a second. The bounce house is made of rubber and if a baby gets into a crack or ends up in a position where she is against the wall incorrectly, the situation can turn bad quickly. The answer here? As is so often the case, a good dose of common sense. As mentioned before, never use a Bounce House as a baby sitter regardless of the age of the participants, but doubly so for the very young.
Bounce House Seniors

Ok, we're covering the entire spectrum here. Should Great Grand-dad get in? Sure, why not. Great photo op. But he probably shouldn't be doing back flips or handstands - keep it real. Let the elder folks get in with the rest for a picture or two, and maybe some light walking around but, again, common sense prevails. As with the very young, take great care here.

So there you have it. Bounce Houses are, of course, a great birthday / Easter / Halloween / Christmas / Spring Break / Summertime / No reason at all / party rental idea. But don't leave it just to the kids. It would be a shame to not let the adults get a little bounce time.

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