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Please Contact Us at:

Salta Bounce Houses of Georgia, LLC
Covington, GA
Phone/Text: 470-554-8218

Please call, email, or text us your request(s) for rental, which should include:  name, number, address, email, date of rental, and type of inflatable(s) you would like delivered.   Call us to speak with a live representative.  If your method of contact is through email, or text, we’ll reply to your inquiry in less than 5 minutes, so you can confirm the rental. Once you confirm and reply, we’ll add your info to our calendar and send a confirmation notification through your preferred method of contact.  We’ll also contact customer one day before rental is scheduled to be delivered.

To make reservations, any of the below methods work fine:

Call us at 470-554-8218

Email us at

The message form below can be used to send an email to schedule a rental and will be reviewed immediately.

To request a rental or more information, please use the below form

Customized Invitations

We now offer FREE customized invitations for your party or event.  Please Note the captions of the below invitations and if you would like an invitation sent, select “yes” in the above box and provide the party details you would like in the invitation in the “what else can we help you with” section.



Salta Bounce House Invite 1


Salta Bounce House Invite 2


Salta Bounce House Invite 3

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