A Bouncing Good Time

Ready to Have a Bouncing Good Time?

Many folks are searching for Bounce Houses, or Inflatables, in Georgia these days as they have been found to be a great addition to any party or event and, as the title suggests, everybody can have a bouncing good time in a Bounce House!  Look no further for the best Bounce House Rentals Atlanta.

7th birthday party for Ricky? Rent a Moonwalk.
Easter party? Rent a Bounce House.
Spring Fling? Rent the Mickey Mouse House, the Water Slide and don’t forget the tables and chairs.
Company Picnic?  Rent them all and let your employees and family enjoy!  Take lots of pictures and video!
Family Reunion?  There’s no better way to create bouncing good times memories than a Bounce House from Salta Bounce Houses of Georgia.

Bouncing Good Time - wet or dry slide

This is your chance to have a carnival in your back yard – invites lots of friends, family and neighbors. Kids often remember the bounce house at their party more than any other aspect of the party itself and it becomes a topic of conversation for years to come.

Once the kids get tired (if ever!!) the adults can get some play time as well. Be warned, it can be exhausting – few of us have kid energy anymore so keep that in mind.

There are a couple of reasons to opt for a Bounce House rental for your next party or event.

  • Kids love them, they’ll stay in there all day, and since it’s an enclosed environment you don’t have to worry where they are.
  • Even “hard to please” kids have a great time in the Bounce House.  All gatherings will have the little ones that have a hard time playing with others – many are simply too shy.  A Bounce House encourages them out of their shell and into the bouncy environment to have fun with the other kids.
  • Parents love them, for the same reasons given above! 🙂
  • Many are themed, so the Bounce House can fit into a party theme, or a party or event can be built around the theme of the Bounce House. Either way, great memories are created.
  • Great pictures and videos! In this digital age, photos and videos of the kids having fun are precious and everlasting. Take lots of pictures and videos! Also, Salta is always looking for images and videos for our website so if you have a good one you’d like to share, let us know and we’ll make you famous! Well, not famous, but you can be on our site!

Setup for the Bounce House is quick, so there’s not a lot of time between when the kids see us arrive and when they can actually start playing.  We routinely have the little ones standing around while we set up, asking questions, but really itching to get in and start playing.  Tear down, at the end of the day, is also quick and easy.

Overall, having a Bounce House or two at a party or event will create memories that last far longer than the event itself – it’s a great investment in fun!

Don’t take our word for it – be sure to look at some of the testimonials from our satisfied customers.  We’re sure you’ll agree that a Bounce House for your next party or event is a great idea and will allow the kids (and adults!) have loads of fun throughout the day.

Safety is a key factor with any Bounce House and you see on the news at least a couple of times each year where an inflatable has been caught in a strong wind and children were injured. At bounce-house-safety-bandaidSalta Bounce Houses of Georgia, we take great pride in having zero injuries reported by our customers and expect this very positive trend to continue. Correct setup, weather monitoring and appropriate use of the Bounce House are the key factors to keeping everybody safe and the professionals here at Salta make sure these are well understood by our clients. Take a look at our Bounce House Safety Tips blog post for more info.

We appreciate you checking out our site and our blog – your comments are always welcome!